Annual Function 2019

Annual Function 2019

This annual function was Dedicated To Ashoka Vijay Dashami


Purpose / Objectives of the activity:

  • To cultivate human values as (Liberty Equality and Fraternity) in society.
  • To educate people by present moral social cultural principles of our Ideals.

People Involved leading the Activity:   IBM Society members, School Staff
Chief Guest, Mulk Raj Gindhaji
Special Invitees:
1, Mr.Ved Praksh, (PRESIDENT: Guru Ravidas Community – SCOTLAND)
2, Mr.B.D.Kaler,   (Chief Commissioner Income Tax -Retd )
3, ER.Hariom,       (A.E. MES. New Delhi)
4, ER.Jaswant Rai,  ( Executive Engineer )
5, H.L.Bhatti, (D.S.P (Punjab Police)
6, Adv, MR.Prakash Bansal ,
7,MR.C.L.Shemar, (D.G.M. (Punjab & Sind Bank )
8,MR.Dhanpal Razak,(Jharkhand)
9,Dr Fateh Singh,(|New Delhi)

Number of Participants present:  Male 550, female, 650, Total 1200,

Chief Guest speech Main points were:

  1. This Annual function dedicated to Ashoka Vijaya Dashami
  2. This school is become a model of Ambedkarite societies
  3. We try to impart Dr Ambedkarism and Buddha thoughts in students.
  4. Thorough the event we convey our message to communities,

Special Invitees speech points

Respected Mr. Kaler:

  1. We saw a dream to build school become model of society
  2. Upcoming Generation have to Learn, Practice, Develop, Spread ideology of Dr Ambedkar & Buddha.


Outcome / Result of the activity: 

  • Around 800, people learn importance of education thoughts of Dr Ambedkar.
  • Participants get chance to develop friendship with new people who came from different state, and culture.
  • Students feel more inspired by their performance in program.
  • Around 8, states and international eminent personalities came to gather and present their views and thoughts.

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