The main aim and objective of the trust is to preach, teach, profess, and propagate Ambedkarism and Buddhism throughout the country by appointing and electing its wings in any part of the country.


Contributing in the larger vision and brighter future of every individual by practicing human values thought by Dr Ambedkar and lord Budddha.


Our mission is to develop kids with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for mankind, and the courage to act on their values. We motivate the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.


The Object of the trust is to render social service by rendering selfless service to the people of India in the sphere of spirituality health, welfare, education and social environment. Mainly the trust shall achieve the following objectives:

1. To work for welfare of the people of India and bringing social ,moral and spiritual awareness amongst the people and all sections of the public at  large  irrespective of any caste , creed ,sex, race, religion, color or community.

2. To teach, preach, profess and propagate Ambedkarism, Buddhism and thoughts of spiritual heads and social leaders who sacrificed their lives for the awakening, welfare and up lift meant of the weaker sections of the society throughout the country or abroad.

3. To construct, look after, manage supervise, control, start and run Buddha Vihars, schools , community, welfare Centers, libraries, stitching Centers , meditation Center and all others assets including all movable and immovable property of the trust and its organizations and wings.

4. To start publishing of books, literature magazines , calendars ,posters, news papers periodicals and to produce movies, audios, Video cassettes , CDs and take help of TV channels  cables dramas and other means of communication for propagation of Buddhism, Ambedkarism  for achievements of the aims and objects of the trust.

5. To perform charitable, spiritual and social work and to diffuse social, moral, Spiritual, religious and secular knowledge through meeting, seminars, organizing conferences, rallies, Dhamma Deeksha Programs, and satsang pravachans etc.

6. To provide free studentship, stipends, incentives, to provide cloths, books Study material etc to poor and needy and brilliant students irrespective of caste creed religion sex thorough out the country and Abroad

7. To provide free concessional medical facilities to poor and needy people to provide assistance  to orphanages, or bodies /associations connected with orphan relief ,old age centers or other charitable work like providing help and assistance to needy people regarding marriage of  girls etc and to provide shelter to needy homeless people ,old aged blind persons and widows etc.

8. To perform such other charitable or social work as per the needs of public  utility and help any other trust or institution having similar objectives

9. To establish maintain or grant aid, accept donations and generate funds for establishment of Buddha Vihars and communities welfare Centers for use by the public in general and to grant aid or render assistance to the other charitable trusts or institutions all over the country and the abroad

10. To establish and develop institutions for physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them education, food, clothes and help etc

11. To establish, construct, Organize and run Bhikku, Bhikkuni, Dhammachari, Dhammacharini, Dhamma ,sevak ,Dhammasevika training Centers and meditation centers for the coaching training and teaching of Bhikkus, Upasaks and social servants